Why choose AWS™ Pedestals?


AWS Diamond Head Series® Pedestals are compression tested to over 3,500 psi.


The efficient design of AWS™ Pedestals save money from manufacture to delivery.

AWS™ components pack in fewer boxes and weigh less than alternative pedestals, reducing the ‘carbon footprint’ and saving money on shipping costs! Each AWS™ box contains 100s of Pedestal components, making it simple to ship anywhere in North America and beyond. How is this possible? The large central component of AWS™ Pedestals is standard 4″ SDR-35 PVC piping – which is easily available locally at a very low cost. As a result, AWS™ Pedestals remain the most affordable, no matter what the height or configuration!


The AWS Pedestal System™ promotes a ‘green’ environment! Sustainably designed, it is constructed of fully recyclable, durable ABS and PVC plastics and 100% recycled rubber.

The AWS Pedestal System™ is the natural solution for ecological concerns. That’s why the AWS Pedestal System™ was chosen for the Atlanta City Hall Green Roof Project, The Built Green Idea Home 2004 (2004 winner of the Gold Nugget Grand Award for Sustainable/Green Residential Project of the Year), and the New American Home at the 2004 International Builders Show in Las Vegas. That’s also why the Introductory Manual for Greening Roofs (.PDF) commissioned by the Canadian government in 2002 lists the AWS Pedestal System™ as an integral part of the green solution.


The AWS Joist Plate™ and AWS Perimeter Pedestal® are sister interlocking systems, using our Shim components from the AWS™ Pedestal System. This allows simple, easy installation of concrete pavers, natural gauged stone, and other architectural slabs over any type of deck. This system easily adapts to new and old decks, virtually ending the drudgery of maintaining a rubber membrane or wood slat deck.