AWS Diamond Head Series® Installation


  1. Pre-cut appropriate half-inch increments of SDR 35 PVC. Use predetermined height of installed pavers indicated on plan drawings. Allow for a half inch added height of a fully assembled DHS pedestal including the cut pvc pipe.
  2. Arrive at job site. Lead Foreman and job lead review the project layout.
  3. Bring pre-cut lengths of PVC to the project site, off load with pavers.
  4. Crew begins by sweeping the job site of debris.
  5. Foreman instructs crew to off load the pavers and provides them with how many pavers are to be stocked on each installation area/deck. Avoid point loading.
  6. Foreman and Lead measure from left to right making sure no small cuts end up at railings/walls.Set string line going from north to south and east to west. The string line is a guide to maintain square sets of your pavers at the appropriate height. Most clients or architects would like to see the pavers tuck just underneath the threshold with cut pavers ending up against the side of the building/house.


  1. Working in a four (4) person crew, three (3) crew members are setting pedestals and laying pavers.
  2. Using pre-cut pvc from warehouse, One (1) crew person is combining PVC pipe and snapping 2 piece adjustable head and a bottom cap on each piece before handing to the install crew.
  3. Installers have a small caddy tray with AWS top shims; slope compensators and buffer pads to fine tune the pedestal height and ensure a level installation. Other tools may include a tape measure, marking pencil, 4’ or 6’ level.
  4. Begin by installing all the full sized pavers first. These are called the field pavers.
  5. A normal installation will require one each of both sizes of top shims for every pedestal. Each top shim is designed to snap in to the two piece adjustable top cap.
  6. Do not attempt to cut the PVC at an angle to compensate for the slope of the deck. Use the engineered slope compensator. Adjusts for 2% slope.
  7. Assign one (1) of the install crew to begin measuring, marking and cutting pavers for the areas that will require less than full pavers. The pavers are always to be cut using a wet saw with a diamond tip blade.
  8. The best setup for using a wet saw is a pop-up canopy with snap on sidewall panels. To avoid potential staining and damage to property always set up the wet saw downwind from the building and downgrade.
  9. Expect an experienced crew to set 150 pavers each per day (24×24, 18×18, 16×16).
  10. An experienced crew can mark, cut and lay 120 lineal feet of paver per day.

Helpful Hints

Clients and Ordering

See the AWS “DiamondTM Head Series” Cut sheet for a description and the dimensions of each AWS Pedestal System part.