Made from
Recycled & Recyclable Product

Great for Green Roofs

Tested to over 3,500 psi

Ships worldwide

For roofs and patios

The AWS Diamond Head Series® turns difficult slopes into level surfaces and allows utilities and drains to be run under the surface. Air and water move freely to allow for the health and longevity of the sub-surface.

For edges and tight spaces

AWS™ brings the answer to difficult edging dilemmas with the AWS Perimeter Pedestal®. It snaps together just like the full pedestal system with available component shim pieces.

For wood and joist decks

The AWS Joist Plate™ is the solution to an age-old problem. Durable, versatile pavers as a deck surface withstand the test of time.

Looking for the AWS™ Pedestal Calculator? Use this handy tool to help plan your deck of any size!

Over 3,000,000 AWS™ Pedestals have been installed since 2000.
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